Tuesday, October 02, 2012

I'm drowning in paperwork

I go to bed after working on paperwork and letters for Charlie.  I wake up and start again on paperwork and letters and more research for Charlie.  My organizational skills are being tested these days for sure.  I'm working on grant applications to find help funding therapy.  Filling out applications, copies of tax returns, doctor letters, personal letters, evaluations, working with our church to "sponsor" Charlie for some grants.  All to prove how much he needs intense, frequent therapy.

On Thursday, we see an occupational therapist to begin work on his fine/gross motor delays, sensory processing issues, and his auditory sensitivity to some noises.  Evaluations are long and expensive...but necessary to gauge where he is currently and what short- and long-term goals we need to set.  And the OT eval will be one more piece I can add to the application packets.

It's exhausting, but if even one grant comes through, that will be more money for his therapy then we had yesterday.  Every time I get discouraged, I get a note from a friend, a call or text, or I read an uplifting scripture, and I find the strength to start again.  Being a special needs momma is the hardest job I've had.  His success with speech, and honestly, in life, depends on us.  It's a huge burden to shoulder, but Charlie is so very worth it.  

Thank you God for giving him to us.  It was no mistake we were blessed with this child.  He is testing every fiber of my being, and I'll go to the ends of the world for him.  How can I not fight everyday for this sweet boy?  

If God leads me to it, He will lead me through it.

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  1. God blessed all of us with Charlie! In fact, the entire Lain and Prince clan! Love you guys so much! It was good to spend a few minutes of your hectic day yesterday!